Mosaic Videos


Foundational Presentations for Reconciliation

Why Reconciliation? By Dr. Peter Cha

Soul-Care in the Journey of Reconciliation by Dr. Bruce Fields

Christ the Reconciler by Dr. Suzie Sang

Civic Engagement by Rev. Dr. Charlie Dates

Creative Dislocation by Dr. Peter Cha

Called to be Agents of Reconciliation by Dr. Peter Cha

God's Calling as Agents of Reconciliation by Daniel Hartman

Christ-Centeredness: Called to Be; Called to do by Emmanuella Carter and Jeremy Barahona

Reflections on the Vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Emmanuella Carter

Christ the Reconciler by Carlos Lollett

Whose Blood Covers Corporate, Systemic Sin? by Mark Charles

Mosaic Lectures

Race, Trauma, and the Doctrine of Discovery by Mark Charles

Repairing Reconciliation for Such a Time as This by Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil

Reconciliation and the Arts

Lamentations by Dominique Harris

Who is He by Quinto

Ever So Thirsty by Joshua Brown

Untitled by Henry Thompson

Beyond the racial binary: our Mosaic identity

Theological Reflections by Dr. Greg Lee

“Latin” America? And the Truth Regarding Half-Bloods by Dr. Ruth Padilla DeBorst

#Metoo: Responding to sexual violence in the church

Pastoral Reflections by Dr. Ingrid Faro

Biblical Reflections by Pastors Eric and Erikah Rivera

Theological Reflections by Dr. Dana Harris and Dr. Tite Tiénou

Panel Discussion by Angelica Ortiz, Adrian Battle, Mary Lederleitner, Irene Liem, and Angela Walker

Sociological Reflections by Dr. Steve Roy

Redeeming our Ethnic Journey

Theological Reflections by Dr. Peter Cha

Beyond Colorblind by Sarah Shin

God and government: conflicts at the border

Theological Reflections by Dr. Joshua and Amber Jipp

Sociological/Historical Reflections by Dr. Jules Martinez

Pastoral Reflections by Rev. Francisco “Paco” Amador

Panel Discussion by Angelica Ortiz, Amanda Onapito, Daniel Cho, Luis San Román

Generational Reconciliation: A House Divided…

Theological Reflections by Dr. Dana Harris

Panel Discussion by Rev. Dr. Charlie Dates, Emmanuella Carter, Aaron Moore, Jeremy Odekerken, Angelica Ortiz


Educational Inequality: An American Apartheid?

Theological Reflections by Dr. Laurie Matthias

Sociological Reflections by Dr. Michael Emerson

Panel Discussion by Brandon Ewing, Luke McFadden, Melissa Powers, Kevin Turner

Pastoral Reflections by Rev. Dr. Alex Gee


Resilience in the Ministries of Reconciliation

Theological Reflections by Daniel Hartman

Self-Care in the Journey by Dr. Ingrid Faro

Pastoral Reflections by Rev. Harry Stackhouse

Resilience and Reconciliation by Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil


America: Who Belongs?

Theological Reflections by Dr. Daniel Carroll

Sociological Reflections by Dr. Felix Theonugraha

Non-profit Leadership Reflections by John Barcanic


Community and Economic Development

Theological Reflections by Dr. Vincent Bacote

Christian Community Development by Rev. Dr. Wayne Gordon

Education and Economic Development by Jennifer Grumhaus

Community Development Panel by Rev. Jonathan Brooks, Lydia Lewis, Angela Jackson, Henry Thompson


Women and Men Flourishing in Ministry Together

Theological Reflections by Dr. Dana Harris and Dr. Con Campbell

Healing at the Intersection of Race and Gender by Dr. Elizabeth Skjoldal

The Blessed Alliance by Carolyn Custis James

By Love, Serve One Another by Dr. Ingrid Faro


Racialization and Its Impact on the Church

Theological Reflections by Dr. Tite Tiénou

Sociological Reflections by Dr. Michael Emerson

Panel Discussion by Dr. Suzie Sang, Rev. Sandra Van Opstal, Rev. Ricky Jenkins, Esther Theonugraha, Barnabas Lin

Church Panel Discussion by Rev. Peter Hong, Rev. Luke McFadden, Alan Hernandez


Racialization and Its Impact on People

Theological Reflections by Dr. Peter Cha

Counseling Perspective by Dr. Julie Russo

A Journey Story by Yvette Ewing


Criminal Justice: Colorblind? Racialized?

Theological Reflections by Dr. David Luy

A Legal Perspective by Cliff Nellis, JD

Panel Discussion by Dr. Suzie Sang, Rev. Todd Fletcher, Lynn Clay, Rev. Ricky Bueno

Testimony by Jesus “Chuy” Llanos

Dialogue by Kags Ndethiu


The Church and Immigration

Theological Reflections by Dr. Joshua Jipp

Pastoral Reflections by Rev. Greg Waybright

Panel Discussion


Political Participation as a Reconciled Community

Theological Reflections by Dr. Bruce Fields

Historical Reflections by Dr. Doug Sweeney