Heart Of The City


Welcome to the first installment of Heart Of The City! A platform created to hear the hearts of local creators and anyone impacting our community. Hear The Heart of those who make up the awesome city that raised me WAUKEGAN, IL. - Raul Ochoa

Heart Of The City Episode 2 ft. Alex Martinez, LeQoinne Rice, Luis Yon Filmed by Jamaar Jervis with Superstar Productions Episode 2 we have a conversation with local entrepreneurs who's artistic creativity has lead them to create something from nothing.


This episode we have a productive conversation at the Hero center in Downtown Waukegan. The conversation is between 3 folks that grew up in Waukegan, we reminisce and share our unique experiences. Harry Stackhouse former pastor of The Sign of the Dove Church brings amazing insight on his experience as a thriving business owner in Downtown in the 70's and 80's.


Episode 5 - What does Black History Month mean? We hear from Marc and Sylvia through their life experiences and their experience here in Waukegan. Please enjoy and Thank you to J, Marc Jones, and Sylvia England!!

Episode 4 - We get a chance to have an awesome conversation with Yvette Ewing who runs the Hero Center in downtown Waukegan and the Lopez family who are in the process of jumping head first into serving children in the Dominican Republic.