Community Development

Trinity intentionally partners with its immediate surrounding communities, which reflect significant socio-economic and racial diversity. With this diversity as our context, Mosaic Ministries promotes the biblical vision of reconciliation through holistic witness and development. This results in Gospel ministry in Trinity’s neighborhoods and leadership development for today’s world.


Athletic Clinics

Trinity offers sports clinics both in North Chicago and on Trinity’s campus, giving youth access to high quality athletics, college campus experiences, and the witness of Christian college athletes. College students have opportunity to give back to the community.


Participate in God’s reconciling work in Trinity’s local neighborhoods, complementing classroom education. Students volunteer in schools, mentor youth, or participate in bible studies. In addition, students from northern Lake County visit Trinity’s campus, giving them a vision of themselves on a college campus. All of our volunteering is done within the context of seeing a new community develop across division, God’s reconciled community.

Mosaic House Ministries

Trinity partners with a separate organization, Mosaic House Ministries, which facilitates spiritual formation through prayer, hospitality, discipleship, and mission in an intentional living community. Learn more at