Dr. Ruth Padilla DeBorst to Speak at TEDS

This month, we had the honor of having Mark Charles with us speaking on “Race, Trauma, and the Doctrine of Discovery” and “Whose Blood Covers Corporate, Systemic Sin?” Next month, we have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Ruth Padilla DeBorst, arguably one of the most important voices on Latin American theology and missiology today.

For this occasion, Mosaic Ministries, The Paul G. Hiebert Center for World Christianity and Global Theology, and the Sueña Initiative for Latina Students at TIU/TEDS have come together to organize two days of events. On Tuesday, April 9th, Dr. Padilla will deliver The Paul G. Hiebert Center Annual Lecture titled “Planetary Gardening: A Shared Christian Vocation” at 4:00 PM in Melton Hall, Waybright. On Wednesday, April 10th, she will be speaking at our Mosaic Gathering on “Latin America? and the Truth Regarding Half-Bloods.”

Poster Ruth Padilla Mosaic (3).png

Dr. Padilla DeBorst has authored various articles and book chapters, including “An Integral Transformation Approach,” in The Mission of the Church: Five Views in Conversation (2016), and “Songs of Hope Out of a Crying Land: An Overview of Contemporary Latin American Theology,” in Global Theology in Evangelical Perspective: Exploring the Contextual Nature of Theology and Mission (2012). She also co-authored Mission as Transformation: Learning from Catalysts (2013), with David Cranston.

Daniel Hartman